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Wix Website for Health and Wellness Educator

Client Showcase: Wix Website forHealth and Wellness Educator, Heirloom Wellness


Website design is not just about arranging visual elements on a webpage; it's about conveying a brand's identity, engaging the audience, and delivering a seamless user experience.

One essential tool that aids in achieving these goals is the "stylescape." A stylescape is a visual representation of a website's design concept, and its importance in the design process cannot be overstated.

We first start all Website in a Day builds with a stylescape to establish the general look and feel of the new design. Clients can specify if they have any color, font, image or style preferences, and our team will incorporate that feedback into the design of their stylescape.

health and wellness educator website stylescape

For this client's stylescape, we incorporated their red, yellow and grey color scheme, round buttons, professional photos, and medical icons.


Wireframes play a crucial role in saving time during the website design process. They serve as a visual blueprint, outlining the layout, structure, and placement of elements on a webpage.

By creating wireframes early in the design process, designers can quickly experiment with different design concepts, test user flow, and identify potential issues. This efficient planning phase ensures that the design direction is well-defined before diving into the more time-intensive stages of the project.

As a result, designers and developers can work more cohesively and effectively, with a clear roadmap to follow. This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of major design revisions or unexpected challenges later on, ultimately saving valuable time and streamlining the entire web design process.

health and wellness educator wireframes for wix website
Wix Wellness Educator Wireframes

This client was interested in having a homepage with anchor tags to important sections. This approach helps keep visitors from getting lost exploring the site, and guides them to specific areas where they can learn more.

The End Result: Mobile-Friendly Design

The new design includes the red, yellow, and grey color scheme, featured images and key sections, which invite a visitor to explore and learn more about wellness treatment.

There is an upcoming events section, featured programs, and an option to request a test when a visitor is ready to test their knowledge.

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