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Wix Golf Coach Website

Client showcase for a golf coach matching website that helps golfers improve their swing!


Stylescapes help us to show the client what we have in mind for the design of the website. They include the color scheme, fonts, buttons, design assets, and images.

If a client has images for us to use, we we'll incorporate those into the stylescape and the final website, or we'll use stock photos.

Stylescape for golf coach website to establish design direction.


We then create wireframes to establish what information we'll need for each page, and how that content will be laid out.

It also helps to prioritize the content we want to make sure gets included above the fold (before a visitor has to scroll down), and what images and copy we'll need the client to provide during the build day.

Wireframes for key pages of golf coach website.

During this step we also took time to establish what questions would be needed to guide a visitor to the correct landing page.

End Result: Mobile-Friendly Wix Golf Coach Website

The end result is a mobile-friendly Wix website for coaches and golfers to join.

It features a lightbox question matrix that guides a visitor to the landing page that is the best fit for their requirements.

The site is user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and features a clean, professional design.

Wix golf coach website mobile view.


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