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What We Love About Shopify

You are ready to start your online business, and are checking out eCommerce platforms. There are a lot of options out there, but which one is right for you? Every business has unique needs, and no one knows your business as well as you do, but if you need an easy-to-use, hosted solution, you should check out Shopify. Shopify is a complete eCommerce solution that lets you organize products, customize your store, accept payment, and track and respond to orders.

Here is what we LOVE about Shopify:

Shopify is a One Stop Shop. With Shopify, you can manage your sales on one platform. This means that if you sell a product online, in a brick and mortar store, or over the phone, you can easily manage your business without ever having to switch over to another program, or enter in an order manually.

Shopify offers Point of Sale credit card readers that work with iPhone and iPad that you can use in store to process purchases. No training is necessary to learn these features, since they work so well out of the box. With the POS system, Shopify will sync inventory and update it in real time. You can even apply automatic tax calculations based on location, collect customer’s email and automatically create a customer profile. All seamlessly from your mobile device.

shopify point of sale tools

Shopify is Beautiful. Shopify has a wide selection of fantastic, responsive themes available. They also give you full control over the HTML and CSS. The look of your website is crucial to the success of your business, so if you do not see a theme that fits the needs of your business, you should consider having a custom design created. Having a custom design is a lot like getting to design your space for a brick and mortar store. Sure you can rent an existing building, but if you have the time and money to have a custom tailored space created, wouldn’t you want to design your own space?

Shopify is Easy to Use. Manage your Shopify store from your “Shopify Admin” area. This is where you can edit products, manage orders, and see reports on how your store is doing. It may take you a couple of days to learn how to use Shopify’s tools, but if you need help, support is there to lend a hand.

shopify backend

Shopify App Store. There are many useful and even free apps available in Shopify’s App Store. Shopify also offers a great API that can be used to create custom features for your store, or to create your own apps.

Shopify App Store

With great themes, features, and an easy-to-use backend, Shopify is a fantastic solution to consider when choosing an eCommerce platform.

Interested in a free estimate for a custom Shopify theme, or have questions about Shopify? Send us a message, or post a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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