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Establishing Goals for Your Ecommerce Business

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Establishing Goals for Your Ecommerce Business

This video is for you if you have an existing eCommerce business, and you are interested in learning how to establish goals for your eCommerce business.

With the holidays right around the corner, we wanted to share a few tips with you on how to set goals for your online store.

Transcript below:

"Hey guys, I’m Brendan from Border7, and in this week’s segment, we are going to be talking about how to establish achievable goals for growing your eCommerce store.

If this is your first time here, this channel is devoted to empowering eCommerce store owners by providing them with the strategies and insights necessary for rapidly growing your online business.

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The most important concept that I want to cover today is the difference between a Task and a Goal. While often used interchangeably, there are clear distinctions between these two terms that when understood will help make planning much clearer.

Your goal represents the underlying result you are hoping to achieve with your project. This can be anything from increasing user engagement on mobile devices to doubling your on-site conversions. A task represents an action we can take to help us achieve our goals.

Most of our clients will have a great idea of the tasks they want completed, but don’t have clearly established goals which makes measuring the success of the project difficult. For example, it’s a common request for a client to ask for a modern looking site with a responsive design.

While a seemingly reasonable request, this type of approach actually makes judging the success the project really difficult because of the lack of measurable benchmarks. Setting benchmarks allows you to physically measure how successful a project has been by comparing it to your overarching goal.

Setting easily measurable benchmarks is one of the cornerstones of a successful project. Let’s talk through a few of the more common scenarios our customers face and how you can start shifting from a task-oriented mindset, to a goal-orientated one.

Site Performance

One of the most common requests for ecommerce store owners is to decrease the page load speed of their site. Although this request may sound closer to a goal than a task, the lack of measurable benchmarks leave the deliverables open to interpretation.

Site Organization

It’s common for a client to request that we add a mega menu to their site. This is often because they are looking to improve the look of the site and showcase featured products or categories. Since adding a mega menu is a task, we like to work with the client to identify a specific goal. Mega menus are a great way to reduce click depth, because you are providing customers with an option to go directly to a specific page.

Products Easy to Understand

If you have a customizable product or a product that is technical, a task might be to add a feature that allows a user to click an option and switch between these options visually. The goal would be to increase user engagement on the product page by say 15%.

12 Ways to Help Increase Your Sales

  1. High Quality Product Images

  2. Offer Free Shipping

  3. Make Coupon Codes Available

  4. Simplify Checkout Process

  5. Live Chat Setup

  6. SSl Installed & Security Trust Badges Installed

  7. Slides/Banners have a call to action/guide customer to next step

  8. Guest Checkout Enabled

  9. eCommerce Buttons Prominent & Easy to Find

  10. Product Reviews & Testimonials Available

  11. Return Policy Easy to Find

  12. Phone Number is Big & in Header

Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for watching! I hope this video helped with differentiating between a task oriented mindset and a goal oriented mindset. Please use this information to establish benchmarks of your own.

If you have questions for me or the Border7 team, email us at, or post a comment below. Subscribe to our channel if you’d like to see more videos about how to Transform your eCommerce Business."


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