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Want to build a business with pre-orders? Check out Celery.

Want to build a business with pre-orders? Check out Celery.

If you’re like me, then you’re always trying to think of how to make a product better, or conceive your big million dollar idea.  Perhaps it’s my love of Shark TankBar Rescue, and The Profit, but I’m convinced that there’s a good idea in this old noggin somewhere. One of the top questions contestants are asked on Shark Tank is, “Do you have a web presence?”  We know a website is important for selling a product without the risk, and hardship of breaking into a retail store, but what do you do if you are just getting started?

There are several crowd funding options out there, Kickstarter, and Indygogoto name a couple; but many wonder what comes after a crowd-funded start up, or how to advance, once you’ve created a start-up business. If you haven’t heard about a pre-order system, then I’m sure you’ll want to hear about Celery.  Based in San Francisco, CA, Celery is a new pre-commerce platform that provides order management, and will charge a customer using Stripe’s technology, once an order is ready to ship.

There aren’t any complicated packages, or fees with Celery.  It is free to use, and charges a fee of 2.0% per transaction.  So you don’t have to worry about big upfront costs, or hidden fees that appear unexpectedly. Looking at their customers, there are a lot of cool, new start ups using the system.  (I had a tough time keeping my wallet in my purse while visiting each companies’ site).


Not only is Celery easy to use, but it also provides many features that cater to your business’ needs.  You can sell multiple products, variations of those products, and collections. Once you are ready to ship an order, Celery will send the necessary information to the fulfillment center of your choosing.


If you’re someone who is always on the go, you will be happy to hear that Celery is mobile optimized, and offers 24/7 support, (should you experience any issues, or have any questions). This means you can modify, update, and manage your account from any device.

Celery-Mobile Friendly

With a customize-able and embed-able checkout, Celery is a simple, flexible system that makes the checkout process easy.  

While I continue to try and think up my big idea, I’m excited to know a pre-order system like Celery is out there to facilitate that dream.  If you’re already ahead of the game, and have your big idea, check them out!

Interested in starting a project with Border7 Studios?  Contact Us, We’d love to hear from you! 


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