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Tips for Building Your New Wix Website

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Getting your professional brand online might feel like an overwhelming task. Some business owners end up putting it off altogether because it can become so time consuming – but it doesn’t need to be!

Thanks to platforms with website builders (like Wix), designing a website and getting online is easier than ever.

Start Simple, Add Bells & Whistles Later

Example sitemap

  1. Claim your domain name (click here to learn how to purchase a domain from Wix)

  2. Create a sitemap of key pages you’ll need. For example:

  3. Home

  4. Services

  5. Process

  6. Portfolio

  7. About Us

  8. Blog

  9. Contact Us

  10. Book Call (great for getting an appointment on the calendar & qualifying potential clients)

  11. Sketch out a wireframe to establish content layout

  12. For tips on how to wireframe & how it helps, click here!

  13. Make your logo (Wix Logo Maker & 99 Designs are great low-cost options for creating a logo)

  14. Establish your site color scheme & design elements (types of imagery, style of graphics, and overall theme)

  15. We recommend creating a stylescape to do this. Click here to read how stylescapes can help!

  16. Pick a template

  17. Create your website

  18. Optimize for mobile

  19. Complete Wix SEO Wizard for target keywords

  20. Install Google Analytics

  21. Publish & submit to Google!

If building a multi-page Wix website is too much, start with a 1-page site.

You can still communicate essential information AND when you’re just starting out, less is more!

What to include on your 1-page site:

  1. What You Do – Make this as simple and concise as possible

  2. Who It’s For – Picture your target audience and address them specifically (where they’re located, demographic, and what they’re interested in)

  3. Why They Need It – What problem you solve, how will they feel after doing business with you, what differentiates you from everyone else)

  4. Why Trust You – Testimonials, experience, certifications, key policies, or a unique process

  5. Next Steps – Contact information, form, phone number, or book appointment

example one page wix site

Example 1-Page Site

Features & Functionality

This is a pitfall that many business owners fall into. There will always be a new feature or cool functionality that you could add to the site.

Thankfully, the Wix offerings are pretty straightforward, but if you start to let the technology dictate your process or try and make major customizations, it can be easy to get distracted from the main goal – getting online!

Building Your New Wix Website – Get Online ASAP!

Focus on getting something online. It’s better to go ahead and get your site out there, so it can be indexed and start getting traffic than to wait on publishing it until everything is “perfect.”

This way you can get yourself out there, start gathering data in the meantime and then make data-driven decisions!


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