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Shopify for WordPress Plugin – eCommerce Tips

Shopify for WordPress Plugin

Blogs are one of the most important tools in securing strong SEO for your store or website. Shopify has noticed this and has a built in blog, right out of the box. But recently they have decided to take this a step further and place their product selling services into the most use blogging platform in the world: WordPress.

What is Shopify for WordPress?

Shopify for WordPress was released in March of this year. It allows you to incorporate products and selling onto your WordPress template. If you already have SEO working with your blog, this could be a perfect solution for you. Shopify has also introduced 3 new templates to use this plug in with.

How it works

All you need to do is install the Shopify for WordPress plugin and connect to your store. WordPress will manage your pages but Shopify manages all the rest (Payments, inventory, etc).

Screenshot of Shopify for WordPress backend

The Themes

Shopify came out with three new themes to promote the release of the plugin. They’re titled Hype by Themezilla, Simple by Themify, and Pulse by Ultralinx. Each of the themes are for free. Each of the themes have also been customized so that they work well with the Shopify plugin.

It will be really interesting to see updates and additions to this really cool plugin!

Want help with the plugin or need more information? Contact us!

We are here to help. We have experience with Shopify and are also a Shopify partner! Go ahead and send us a message! we’ll get right back to you.

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