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Prestashop How-To Use Product Filter

PrestaShop How-To Use Product Filter

Part 1: Setting up Products with Filters:

  1. To access your products in the left hand navigation, go to “Catalog” then to “Products.”

  1. On this screen, you will want to search for and then hit the “edit” button next to the product you want to change search filters.

  2. Under the “Features” tab on the left, you will find the search filters that the product will show up in.

  1. Editing the information in this tab will affect the way the product is filtered when user’s select different options in the left hand filter function.

Part 2: Adding a new filter:

  1. To add a new filter to the filter function, either click on the “Add a new feature” link at the bottom of the features list, or the left hand navigation under “Catalog” – > “Product Features” (Both ways will take you to the same page).

  2. Add a new feature, type the name of it and then click save.

  3. After you have created the feature, you want to add the feature values into it. To do this click on the row that contains the name of the features you want to add (the name of the feature you just added), for example “Jewelry”.

prestashop how to use the product filter
  1. From here you can manage the feature values that will be sorted by.

Part 3: Adding the filter to the left-hand Filter Function:

  1. Navigate to “Modules and Services” -> “Modules and Services”

  1. Search for “Filter” and click configure on the “Layered Navigation Block”

  1. Either create or edit a filter. NOTE: You can have different templates that could be for different categories on your store. So you can have a filter that is specific to the “Watch” category, or one that is specific to the “Jewelry” one. To do this, select the “Add new template” button and see the next step to add it to specific categories.

  2. The first part to pay attention to is the “Categories used for this template” area. This is where you select which categories to use this template on.

  1. The second part is the layout of the filter. Drag and drop these rows to adjust the layout of the module on the store.

  2. Turn on/off the filters that need or don’t need on the category page.

  1. Click “Save” to save your changes and have them apply to the storefront. You’ve then successfully updated the product filter in your PrestaShop store.

Still have more questions? Post a comment below, or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you!


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