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PrestaShop How-To: Add Products and Change the Category Filter

PrestaShop How-To: Add Products and Change the Category Filter

  1. Navigate to the PrestaShop Back Office. And click on Catalog -> Products.

add producs and change category filter prestashop
  1. This is the area where you can see all your products at a glance. You can add new products, and you can search for specific products to edit them if you need to change prices.

  2. Press on the blue “+” symbol in the top right that says “Add new product.”

  3. The left hand navigation has a few different areas where you input information about the product.

  4. The first one just called “Information” is where you put basic information about the product such as the name, product code, and description.

  5. “Prices” is the next one where you input the prices and discounts of the product.

  6. The “Features” area is where you can control which group the product shows up in when clicked in the “Filter By” left hand navigation in the category page.

Here’s a link with more information about adding and managing products in PrestaShop.

Controlling the “Filter By” Navigation

filter by navigation
  1. The “Filter By” menu is controlled by a combination of a module, and the product features.

  2. To access the module, go to Modules and Services -> Modules and Services

modules and services prestashop
  1. Search for “Layered Navigation Block.” Click on the blue “configure” button.

configure layered navigation block
  1. Find the filter that you are currently using from the list and click “edit/”

edit filter prestashop
  1. This is where you can turn filters on and off, you can choose which categories use the template, and where you can adjust which filters appear first on the top to bottom list (by dragging the rows up and down with your mouse). You can even create different template for different categories if you want to have a different set of features in that category.

manage filters prestashop
  1. If you want to create a new set of filters, you can do that by creating and managing product features.

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