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Logo Design: Emojis, the Logo’s Cousin?

Logo Design: Emojis, the Logo’s Cousin?

A picture is worth a thousand words; and in today’s fast-paced world, if you can standardize an image into a universally understood icon, just think how much communication could be simplified! I’m talking about the mighty logo, and it’s somewhat irreverent cousin, emoji.

Thankfully, we do have some established versions of icons that are for the most part, universally accepted.  Recognizing warning sign graphics, aren’t too complicated, at least for most adults, but once you are introduce to the emoji, tiny pictures, used primarily when texting to communicate a feeling, or concept, you open yourself up for a completely subjective interpretation, (at least for adults like me).

Cats, hearts, a birthday party,or even something more offbeat like a man in a bathtub (no comment), have become popular informal additions to our emails and texts.  They add a graphic enhancement to straight text, plus they can indicate the tone you wish to convey.Feeling a bit cheeky?  Just stick in a winky face. Think your co-worker is being a big baby? There’s an emoji for that too.


Advertisers have taken note, as well, as emojis can be quite effective in regard to labeling and collecting data, since they are easier for machines to interpret than informal, everyday language. Machines may be tone deaf, but they do create categories computers can understand through emoticons, photo tags, and hashtags.  This graphic shorthand will allow companies to reap the benefits of better placed, effective ads, as well as better data mining, and hopefully allow the user a simple, fun experience getting there.

Yelp’s new mobile app allows you to search by emoji rather than keywords. Just choose any symbol on the emoji keyboard, and enter it into the search box. Whether it’s a ghost, or some french fries, Yelp will match the closet relevant businesses to your emoji. Here’s hoping that the search will not combine emoji’s, and suggest a fast food facility where the french fries haunt you, in a “why did I just eat that” kind of way.


Whether emojis will be a continuing trend, or just a passing fad, communication is key. Standing out among your competitors  can be the difference between simply being located, via emoji, or through a google search, and being remembered.

Your business logo is your very own stylized icon for your company brand. A logo embodies the essence of a company, and should illustrate the values and services you offer.  A customer should be able to take one look at your logo, and get an idea of the services you offer, as well as the message of your company.

logo design

Ankle Swagger Logo

A great logo, much like a universally recognized emoji, can identify your company as the unique brand that it is, and the leader in your field.  Please contact us, and see how we can create a stand-out logo for you!



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