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How to Export Categories in Bigcommerce

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How to Export Categories in Bigcommerce

You might have noticed after searching the backend of your store that there isn’t a specific export for categories in Bigcommerce, and if there is an export button tucked away somewhere, then it hasn’t been documented well enough to find it easily. Rather than exporting products and picking out the categories that were exportable through Bigcommerce’s Bulk Edit, (which would take ages to do) I was able to grab all of the categories I needed through their API, and you can too!

Step 1: Create an API Account

The first thing that you will need to do is create an API account in Bigcommerce by navigating to Setup & Tools > Legacy API account. Once you have created the account it will generate an API Path and an API Token for you to use in the next steps.

An Example API Path & API Token is Shown Below:

  1. Username: MasterApi

  2. API Path:

  3. API Token: 9ebc922a799bc49d21125dsa2fdac0722008ed1a

Step 2: Generate XML List of Categories

To generate an XML list of categories you will need to type in the following path in addition to your API Path: /api/v2/categories?limit={count}& page={number}

Step 3: Save File in CSV Format & You’re Done!

After I saved the XML, I then created a script to utilize the XML in a specific format, and saved the file in CSV format for import into another eCommerce platform. I hope this helps you export your categories, and if you have any additional methods of exporting we’d love to hear them!

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