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How to Add a Brands Page to Your Volusion Site

Have you ever had a customer ask you if you carry a particular brand in your store? Or do you just want to show off the myriad of awesome products you carry? Well, here’s the solution for you! You can create your very own brands page for your site. A brands page is a welcomed addition to any website, and this post will give you the breakdown on how you can make it happen for your Volusion store.

Let’s Get Started!

Login to your Volusion admin dashboard, and hover over the “Settings” tab. Then mouse down to “Config Variables.” There’s going to be three things you are going to need to make sure have been enabled:

  1. Hide “By Manufacturer” Filter in Search Refinements

  2. Manually Code Search Refinement in Template

  3. Enable Search Refinement

Once you have all of this completed, you need to then place this div onto your webpage. This is going to create a dropdown of all your different brands that you have in your store on the page.

After you have this, just go ahead, and write a quick jQuery or JavaScript function to traverse through the list, and display them within your webpage.

Need More Help?

Our skilled Border7 Team can easily set a slider up on your website, and assist with any other issues you may have with your site. Send us a message, and we’ll be in touch!


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