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Distribution Business Website

Topaz Distribution strives to streamline the workflow for inventory-based businesses with end-to-end supply chain management services.

Client Showcase

Before working with us, Topaz did not have a website or any online presence. They needed a website that would help increase brand awareness, educate viewers on what services they offer and encourage site visitors.

Project objectives:

  • Create a custom Wix design with anchor tags for quick scroll

  • Showcase a user-friendly interface that highlights their services & benefits

  • Animation incorporated to engage user visually and encourage continued browsing

  • Encourage on-site conversions and optimization for target keywords

Our contributions:

  • Project Planning

  • Custom Wix Design

  • Mobile-friendly Design

  • Wix Setup

  • Design Implementation

  • On-Site SEO

Homepage Wireframe

Wireframes help to establish which sections and information will need to be featured on the page and how the overall website should be structured.

The outcome:

A custom, professional Wix design that showcases Topaz's services and benefits. The site is optimized for local search and provides necessary information for visitors to contact through the form, email, or click to call.

Mobile-friendly modals that share more information about each service with an easily accessible contact button.

wix distribution website

mobile friendly view wix distribution website


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