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Custom Shopify Design Client Showcase

Client Showcase: LED Beer Pong Tables

Attention party people! This week’s Client Showcase is going to make you want to pour your poison of choice, and configure your plastic chalices into a triangle formation. LED Beer Pong Tables has tables that are fit for the gods! Are you a nonbeliever?

Check out the specs for yourself!

  1. Infinity Mirror – Special mirrors that create the illusion of endless space

  2. RGB LED Lights – Rotate between 16 colors, and 4 display modes

  3. Metal Frame – Built to withstand a wild party

  4. Magnetic Lock – Keep that table locked up between parties

  5. Detachable Legs & Fold-able Center – Breaks down for easy transport

  6. Music Controller – Light change and flash to the music

  7. IR Remote Control – Remotely adjust the color and lights

  8. Tournament Sized – That’s right, this baby is legal

LED Beer Pong Tables’ (LEDBPT) site features a responsive design, and uses Shopify its eCommerce solution. Our designer incorporated LEDBPT’s color scheme into the responsive design, and used hot pink and violet for the call to action buttons.

This helps draw your eye to these buttons, and encourages a user to engage. Also, featuring reviews underneath the “Order Yours Now” button helps to reassure customers that they will be satisfied with their purchase, and that they aren’t the first to purchase a table.

Having one of these tables at your next party is sure to impress your guests, so light it up with a LED Beer Pong Table!

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