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Custom Bigcommerce Design for Coffee Business

Client Showcase: Heirloom Coffee

Heirloom Coffee, LLC is a family-run business that provides the best brands of coffee from Vietnam, Sumatra, Java and the Philippines. They were interested in moving from their current solution over to Bigcommerce, and were seeking a web design and development company to create a custom, responsive design, import and setup their products, and setup the new Bigcommerce store.

After design discussions to identify their preferred colors, layouts, and features for the site, as well as their online goals, it was established that showcasing a significant amount of information above the fold of the site, keeping the current site’s look and feel (as much as possible), and making the site more user-friendly would be the absolute “must haves” for the new site.

Custom Bigcommerce Design

Our designer kept these must haves in mind when creating the Custom Bigcommerce theme, Custom Homepage, and Custom Product Page that are now featured on the new site, and all of the other pages inherited Bigcommerce’s native layout and functionality, as well as the theme’s color scheme, font styling, and overall look of the new design. We also worked with Heirloom Coffee to setup their products, base configure store settings, and answer questions/provide support along the way.

This was a massive update for both Heirloom Coffee, and their customers, who were accustomed to the same design since the site was first built 10 years ago. Making sure that the site update was not too jarring for customers was a big concern for their team, and we have great respect for how much Heirloom Coffee values their customers.

Before and After

It was a pleasure working with Heirloom Coffee, and we wish them great success with the new site. Check out their great coffee and see the new design for yourself here!

Interested in a free proposal for creating a custom design for your Bigcommerce store? Send us a message, or give us a call today at (805)416-2457. We’d love to hear from you!

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