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Bigcommerce Options Widget

Border7 Widget for Bigcommerce Options

The purpose of this Bigcommerce options widget is to create a user friendly interface that allows a user to refine through groups of options quickly and easily – all while reducing the load time of the webpage. Bigcommerce allows users to create Options with a various set of ‘Display Types,’ one of which is the Product List Option. The Product List allows you to use a Product as an Option within another product, giving you the option to add/reduce price, and/or view a picture along with the option, (a neat feature that you can use in your shop). Bigcommerce allows you to add an nth amount of products to one option, which has its pros and cons.

bigcommerce option widget example

*Pictured above is an example of a Border7 Studios Options widget for a Bigcommerce site.

A common issue we’ve seen Bigcommerce store owners encounter in their store is when they have ‘too many’ products in one option, causing them to have slower load time, and a ‘not so happy’ customer experience when searching through a large list of choices.

To solve this issue, we’ve developed a method to simplify the way in which a user chooses their option. First, we need to stop all of the images from loading until the user requests them. Next, we need to use a delimiter within the naming scheme of the product option to group and refine the way the products are chosen. Once we’ve sorted all of the options that will be displayed on the page, we wanted these options to be presented in a clean, user-friendly manner. We chose to use a light box, which provides a user with the option of choosing a category through a dropdown for a select few options.

If you would like this functionality on your Bigcommerce store, or a solution that is similar to this example, contact us, or post a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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