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Accessibility Showcase – CforAT

CforAT – Accessibility Showcase

Web accessibility is essential because it provides equal access to people with disabilities. It also ensures that more people will be able to access and enjoy your website. The Center for Accessible Technology (“CforAT”) is a non-profit organization that was started with the goal of providing access to computers and technology for people with disabilities. In addition to the work CforAT does to promote independent living for people with disabilities, CforAT also offers business consulting to corporations and government entities to make sure that their websites, systems and applications are accessible.

CforAT’s new site needed to be clean, AA-accessible, easy to navigate, and convey the story of the non-profit, as well as the consulting side of the business. Our team worked to divide the content from the original site between two sites in order to best communicate the goals of both aspects of the company. We did this by collaborating with CforAT to select color schemes for each site that are not only W3C compliant, but would also support each side of the business.

Before and After

The end result is a responsive non-profit site and a responsive business consulting site that both meet AA-accessibility standards, and can be enjoyed by both disabled and non-disabled users. Pages have been consolidated, and the content organized to be easier to find and read.

Check out CforAT’s new non-profit site, and the Business consulting site.

Interested in updating your site so it is accessible, or have questions for the Border7 team? Send us a message, or give us a call today for a free consultation!

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