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8 Quick Tips for Your Volusion Store

Tips that every Volusion store owner should know:

  1. Quickly View Any table in Admin Area

Within Volusion’s admin area, you are able to view most tables by changing the _GET labeled ‘Table’. (i.e. /admin/TableViewer.asp?Table=kits)

  1. Legacy Product Option

The legacy options are no longer fully supported for the newer versions of Volusion, but there are a few that are pretty cool if you are able to get them working. (i.e. Only Available with Option ID(s), Validate Reg Expression)

  1. Quick Jump ID Via_GETs

Similar to tip #1, when you are working within a table and you want to quickly move to a specific product or category, simply change the _GET value within the URL to the desired value. (i.e. &ID=2, &ID=10802199)

  1. Dynamic Sub-Categories in Left Hand Navigation

If you want the sub-categories of the category you are in to show within the left hand navigation, rather than statically coding a generic list place <div id="display_menu_s"></div> within your template. If Volusion sees that the category you are on has sub-categories, they will populate in this area.

  1. Determine What Type of Page You Are On

Ever need specific JavaScript on only product pages, or only category pages? You can determine the type of page you are landing on by using the JavaScript function PageName()

  1. Disable Auto-Generate Child Products

If you find that you don’t want your child products to update every time you save the page, uncheck the ‘Enable Options Inventory Control Grid’ Check-box.

  1. Create Custom ASP Pages

Volusion allows you to create and use .asp pages on the FTP. These could be useful if you would like additional functionality for your store front.

  1. Run SQL

Volusion has a ‘Saved Exports’ are under inventory>import/export that allows you to write your own SQL. We’ve been able to create temporary tables within the database for extra functionality.

Interested in starting a project or have questions for the Border7 Team? Contact us, or post a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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