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Help with Existing Wix Website

Our expert team is here to provide the support and guidance you need to optimize your existing Wix website for maximum impact.

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How We Helped

Existing Wix Websites

The improvements made to these existing Wix websites had a significant impact on their online presence and user engagement. The streamlined content ensured that their message was clear, resonated with their target audience, and increased overall comprehension of their offerings.


By optimizing the navigation, visitors were able to effortlessly navigate the website, leading to increased time spent on the site and a higher likelihood of conversion.

Notable outcomes of the website updates:

  1. Improved Clarity: The refined content now effectively communicates their value proposition, ensuring visitors understand the benefits of their products and services.

  2. Enhanced User Experience: The optimized navigation made it easier for visitors to find information, encouraging them to explore different sections of the website and engage with their offerings.

  3. Increased Engagement: Visitors now follow a well-defined flow on the website, leading to higher engagement, increased page views, and lower bounce rates.

  4. Improved Conversions: The combination of clearer content and improved navigation resulted in a higher conversion rate, as visitors were more likely to take desired actions, such as filling out contact forms or making purchases.

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Client Video Testimonial

"Just got done working with Border7 Studios. They were absolutely amazing - Brendan and his team, very helpful. I'm pretty tech illiterate, and they made everything really basic for me, building my website and helping me maintain it. Really easy to get a hold of throughout the entire process. They made everything absolutely simple.


If anyone has any problem building a website or needing help maintaining it, I would definitely recommend using Brendan and Border7 Studios. The team over there did a great job, I appreciate it, and I'm looking forward to doing more business with you guys. Thank you!" - Justin

SEO & Marketing

Learn from a Wix Legend Expert

Empower yourself to conquer SEO and maximize your Wix website's online potential with our unique approach. We don't just optimize your existing Wix website for search engines—we teach you the ins and outs of SEO so that you can take control of your online presence and market your business effectively.

Our team of SEO experts is dedicated to empowering business owners like you. We work closely with you, providing personalized training and guidance on SEO best practices tailored specifically to Wix websites. We demystify the world of SEO, breaking down complex concepts into practical, actionable steps that you can implement yourself.


"The team made it easy for a novice to understand how everything works on the website and that was my biggest concern. The 7 day warranty period is also very reassuring that I will be taken care of incase I have problems after the creation. Easy to talk to, great design, and honest critiquing of my own ideas was very much appreciated. I definitely recommend to anyone that needs help with putting together a business website." - Tom V.

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Recent Projects

Check out some of the recent projects we've recently brought to life on Wix.

“Thank you so much for your help and making what I thought was going to be scary and difficult really easy. “


– Chuck, Chuckie’s Service Center

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