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Wix Foundations

Introducing the Border7℠ Wix Foundations program - Wix Editor Website in 1 Day + 1 Month of our Marketing Coaching Program, Amplifier.

Easy onboarding process to gather key business information & content.

Approve the design, proposed layout & sitemap of website with our team.

Review finished site in our sandbox environment with our team on Zoom. 

Receive a personalized training video & 7 day warranty becomes active.

Nurse Sonja Knows

Client Video Testimonial

"Immediately after meeting Brendan and the rest of the Border7 team, I knew that there was something special there. Somehow, they were able to take something nebulous - this concept of a space that I wanted, that would combine my work with wellness, my job in healthcare with my career in writing, and they were able to turn it into a space that resonated with exactly what I wanted in a day..." - Sonja

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Wix Foundations

Wix Website in 1 Day + 1 month of Marketing Coaching

Get online fast so you have a solid foundation online to build from, and then learn how to update and market your new website yourself!

Our Philosophy

Making Progress > Chasing Perfection

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Evaluate, Create & Optimize

You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if no one can find it, OR they don't know what to do next, you won't get the sales you had hoped.

We believe making progress is better than chasing perfection. Our programs help brands get online quickly, (in just 1 day) with a professionally designed and optimized website.


This way, you'll have the foundation & confidence you need to start gathering dataselling your offer & optimizing your site yourself!

Only then can you properly evaluate what's working, what needs improvement, and start making money through your website (which is the whole point of having a website, right?)

Website in a Day

Get an optimized Wix website created & launched in just 1 day, so you have a solid foundation to grow your business online!

Onboarding form to gather information about your brand, design preferences, and images + your logo

Stylescape to establish design (color scheme, site elements, images & personalized touches)

Wireframes of key pages to establish site structure & flow, overall layout & prioritize content

Implemented user-friendly site that has been optimized for search engines & is mobile friendly

Personalized training video of your new site with instructions on how to make future updates

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Brand Amplifier

Learn how to create a digital strategy, evaluate your data, update your website & optimize it yourself, so you can drive more traffic & get conversions!

Weekly strategy calls with screen sharing to review progress & opportunities for improvement

Learn how to update content & optimize your website for target keywords to drive more traffic

Evaluate your data & analytics, so you can make data-driven decisions & set tangible goals

Training videos & meeting recordings, so you can revisit lessons & share with your team

Q&A & support as needed from our team of experts through Basecamp (our project management system)

How can I ensure I get the most out of this program?

  • Schedule and show up to your build day + weekly 1-on-1 calls during Amplifier motivated and ready to learn. Those who have seen the most success with this program are the ones who make it a priority

  • Give us what we need to help you in a timely manner (login information, content you'd like replaced, to-dos in a list format, etc.)

  • Be open to shifting your mindset and tweaking how you do things currently. If you're not where you want to be now, a change has to happen in order for things to be different.

  • Take ownership in what we're working on together for your business, trust the process, and continue to hold yourself accountable (we'll teach you, but you have to do your homework and apply the mindset, tactics and strategies to make it happen).

  • Communicate if you are confused, not sure what to do next, or any feeling of uncertainty - we want to know!

  • Can you really build a whole website in 1 day?
    Yes! Structure lets you get more done in less time. Through our 15+ years of experience in web design, development and marketing, we've designed a streamlined process that allows us to create a custom, professional Wix website in just 1 day that serves as a strong foundation for your online business.
  • What if I need more time than 1 day?
    As the name suggests (Website in a Day) you get one day with our team to create your website. If you'd like more time than 1 day, we have a couple of other options such as Fundamentals (get a website + a marketing strategy in 1 week) and Essentials (get a website + automated marketing campaign in 30 days) that might be a better for you. At the end of your build day, we deliver a functioning, professionally designed website that is populated with the content you provided. Our team also tests the site on desktop & mobile and optimizes it for search engines. We also provide a training video, so you can learn how to make future updates yourself. If you decide that you'd like more help with your website after your build day, we have a program called Amplifier, where we can teach you how to update & market your website. You can also purchase time at our hourly rate as needed.
  • What if I don't like the design?
    You are a big part of our design process leading up to and on the day of your build day. We take your responses to our onboarding questionnaire, the resources and example sites you share, and feedback all into account when we create our stylescape (where we establish color scheme, fonts, graphics, images, etc.) and wireframes (to determine what content will go where and how it will be prioritized on the site). We also check in with you each step of the way, so you know what to expect and are given opportunities to give feedback. At the end of the build day, we also offer until midnight for a final round of revisions through the Wix site feedback tool to ensure that you're happy with the end result.
  • Do you do refunds?
    No. We do not offer refunds for any of our programs or services because we cannot get that time back. We share our portfolio of past work on our website, and include this FAQ section, so you can get an idea of our style and what to expect. We believe that communication is crucial for any successful relationship, so our goal is to communicate with you as much as possible throughout the build of your website. This means that you'll have many opportunities to let us know, if for whatever reason, you're unhappy.
  • I'd like to learn how to update and promote my business myself. Can you help with that?
    Yes. We offer a monthly, done-with-you coaching program called Amplifier. In this program, we teach you how to update your new Wix website, create a marketing plan that fits your goals, show you how to implement changes, and track / tweak your strategy to fit your business' needs as you grow. To learn more about Amplifier, click here.

“Thank you so much for your help and making what I thought was going to be scary and difficult really easy. “


– Chuck, Chuckie’s Service Center

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