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Wix Ecommerce Template

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Wix Ecommerce Template is setup with example products and category pages with a shopping cart, checkout and thank you page. This template was created by Border7 and features a feminine color scheme.


  • Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • Category Pages
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Accessibility Page


As well as a shop all page, access to the Wix cart, and the standard Wix checkout pages.


Swapping Out Content

You will have the ability to swap out the video, images and copy to your content, or utilize the media Wix makes available in their gallery. You will have the ability to swap out images, icons, and copy with your own content, or you can utilize the media gallery provided by Wix. All copy is provided as filler content. It is up to you to optimize your site for search engines and ensure your policies and terms are compliant with your laws.


This template does not include a Wix subscription or any 3rd party apps, including the Wix store subscription or the chat subscription. You will need to assign your existing subscription, or upgrade your subscription to complete the setup process with Wix.


Template Transfer During Business Hours

Once purchased, our team will duplicate the template and add your Wix account email to the new environment. You will then be made the owner of your new template. If the template is purchased after hours (5pm-9am Pacific Time) or Friday-Sunday, our team will assist you with assigning ownership of your new template during business hours.


Additional Support & Training

After you've been given ownership of your new template, if you'd like additional support or training, you can purchase 1-3 hours at our hourly rate of $125/hr.

Wix Ecommerce Template

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