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Why You Need to Update Your Web Content Regularly

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The internet is more competitive than ever. Gone are the days where you could launch your website and leave it until your next promotion.

If you want to stay relevant and consistently connect with your dream clients, you have to make sure the place you direct them to (your website) features fresh, engaging content.

That’s Right, Content is Still Queen

Let’s talk about content. In our experience, content is often the biggest thing that clients struggle with when they come to us. It’s not only hard to produce initially, but many forget to update their web content regularly.

This is because if you’re not in the habit of constantly updating and creating content, it can feel a lot like trying to go back to the gym and run a mile on the treadmill.

If you haven’t done it in a while, you’re not going to enjoy it, AND it’s going to take you a lot longer to complete it. – I say this as someone who used to be able to run a mile in 5 minutes & 54 seconds in high school, but now celebrate a < 15 minute mile. It’s tough to get into something and do it well if you don’t do it regularly.

What’s the secret to creating great content? Stick with it!

Search Engine Optimization for Popular Keywords

SEO is still relevant, but depending on your industry, it can be incredibly competitive.

It’s definitely important that your site functions well and doesn’t have errors that search engines will penalize you for, but we’re finding that to see a quicker return on your marketing efforts, paid traffic is where it’s at.

Again, this totally depends on your industry, what you offer and where you’re located, as it might be easier to rank for popular keywords and phrases in one area (location and service, for example) over another.

Get Strategic About Your Content

The content and structure of your website is SO important.

You could spend tons of time, energy and money driving traffic to your site, but if they get there, and it doesn’t resonate with them OR quickly convey what you offer and why it’s important, they are going to bounce!

This isn’t your fault. Our attention spans are shorter now and with all of this beautiful technology out now, we could be spending our time doing something else.

So, how can you present information so it’s easy to consume and clearly presents next steps?

When it Comes to Your Site Structure – Keep It Simple

I’m a firm believer in the idea that less is more. In many ways it’s easier to over-complicate something (especially if you’ve been doing it for a while) than it is to refine it. Remove the fluff and get right to why your dream client should give a crap and connect with you.

Create a plan to update your web content regularly. With the mindset that less is more, go through your website and make notes on what HAS to stay to answer the following questions:

  1. What do you do?

  2. Who is it for?

  3. Why do they need it?

  4. Why should they trust you?

  5. What are the next steps?

If the content on your site does not answer one of those 5 questions, GET RID OF IT. I promise that having a web page for the sake of having it will do your business more harm than good. Why? Because it’s a distraction and it takes time to manage.

The Goal of a Website Should Be

  1. To build awareness about your brand

  2. Make it easy to connect with you short-term or long-term

  3. Educate your customer about what you do and why it’s needed

That’s it. Your website is not your memoir. It shouldn’t be a complicated experience that leaves a visitor feeling more confused.

test your site updates regularly

Don’t Believe Me?

Test It! The best way to put this theory to the test is to test it for yourself. Make a note whenever you decide to make a change and see what the data tells you. If you can do something that makes it easier for a visitor, DO IT.


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