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When to Rebrand Your Business

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

A brand is powerful! It can influence not only perception, but also action. Deciding to rebrand your business is not something you want to do lightly.

When done right, it's exciting for both you and your audience!

What is a Rebrand?

A rebrand is often a reimagining of your logo, tagline and visual identity. It is a process that should start by considering your vision, values and target audience.

Your visual identity consists of your logo, colors, font and photography. (These are the main focus of a stylescape, which helps to set the direction for the new - or in this case updated design).

Why Rebrand?

Your branding is important, and can make it more likely for your customers to choose your product or service over other businesses.

So, let's talk about a few things to consider before you get started (or hire someone to do it for you)...

  1. Your core audience has changed and you'd like your brand to resonate better

  2. Your process, core offerings, and/or strategy has changed

  3. Your branding is outdated & doesn't stand out from competitors

  4. You don't feel like your current branding expresses your brand's identity

  5. Your branding no longer reflects the vision of your business

For Example - We recently rebranded!

Border7 has been in business now for 17 years, and a lot has changed over the years!

We felt that we were due for a rebrand, and wanted our new branding to better reflect the changes we've made.

Some of these changes include:

  • Productizing our services, so they solve a specific problem for our predominately female target audience

  • Niching down to focus on a specific platform

  • Updating our philosophy to making progress > chasing perfection

  • Revising our vision to focus on the importance of work/life balance for ourselves and our clients

  • Moving to the San Bernardino mountains

  • Tweaking our process from being on-call to scheduled appointments, so meetings are as productive as possible

Before our branding featured a rocket ship, Oswald & Open Sans fonts, and incorporated outer space in our background images, as well as design assets.

We felt that this no longer conveyed who we are, our vision, or our target audience .

So, we decided to rebrand! Our branding now features images of nature + pictures of ourselves, as well as an earthy color scheme of greens and blues.

Border7 Logo

Sharing a rebrand is a declaration of your commitment to progress. We practice what we preach and are excited to share our rebrand with you!

Our hope is that you're inspired you to consider rebranding your own business (if it makes sense for you), OR if you haven't yet, take the next step and start your own business!


Leave a comment below, or schedule a free strategy session with our team! We'll chat about your business, online goals, and make sure our programs are a fit.


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