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What You Missed at Yesterday’s BigCommerce Townhall

Yesterday’s BigCommerce Town hall was the first of 2017, and many exciting things were previewed. BigCommerce hosts townhalls teach month to keep everyone informed and engaged on what is happening with one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.

Stencil Themes

BigCommerce’s new themeing system was arguably the thing we were most impressed with and excited for in 2016. Coming in 2017 is improved performance, and starting as early as this week dashboard updates. Improved analytics are also coming, according to BigCommerce. More design features are also in the work, including the ability to customize the checkout pages. You can now style these to include your own colors, and logos. This will improve the user experience of your sites and help you increase conversions.

App Store Updates

Also announced yesterday at the BigCommerce Town hall is an expansion and revamping of their popular app store. They’re going to allow for newer, more powerful apps to integrate with the platform in the 2017 calendar year. We’re excited to see what the new features are going to allow app developers to come up with. BigCommerce’s app store is very helpful in quickly expanding your store with new features both on the front end and the back end.

More Payment Methods

Payments available in BigCommerce are going to be vastly increasing. In addition to the previously discussed ability to change the way the checkout page can be designed, BigCommerce also annouced an improved one page checkout. It’s going to be more optimized than ever when it is released this year. In addition, new payment methods and installment plan options are going to be rolling out.

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