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What Has Happened So Far: Ecommerce 2016

What Has Happened So Far: Ecommerce 2016

Just like many other fields in technology, the world of ecommerce is constantly changing, updating, and re-inventing. With all this change going on, it’s good to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the field. In this post, we’re going to talk about what’s new in 2016!


Volusion made an exciting announcement in 2016. They stated that they will be working on partnerships, new API features, as well as user interface and workflow improvements.

Volusion is also increasing it’s availability to its customers. They have made it a key point in 2016 to engage and get feedback from their users. Here’s an example of a way they’re reaching out; a banner that appeared on all Volusion stores recently:


Shopify has come out with some unique features in 2016. One of my favorites that they’ve added is the ability for stores to offer Same-Day delivery through a service called Postmates. This is a great way for your store to keep up with Amazon’s same day delivery services that could potentially take away business. This is a very cool services that we hope to see other ecommerce platforms implement in the future.


Bigcommerce has an ambitious road map for 2016, saying they’re going to target many different areas including: Themes, Product & Inventory Management, Marketing, Analytic, Checkout, etc. Basically, they’re going to focus on every part of their service, which is quite an ambitious undertaking. They started this overhaul early this year with a re-branding.

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