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Twitter Social Media Marketing

Updated: May 11, 2022

Marketing on Twitter

Like many businesses, you’re trying to gain traction in the online world. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms out there, the platform says it has an average of 330 million users with about 6000 tweets per second.

From a business perspective, brands are 3 times more likely to be followed than they are then their Facebook counterparts. This makes Twitter the ideal place to begin converting followers to cash, but how do you make your account and content stand out FROM a sea of memes and Buzzfeed articles? And how do you know if the content you are creating is being received well by your followers?

We've created a list of some of the most powerful tools we utilize on a daily basis that help our clients succeed on Social Media.

Twitter Analytics

Just having a presence online isn’t enough on overcrowded online platforms, you need to create content that correlates with your potential customer’s tastes and habits. Understanding the most active times for posting and the interests of your followers will help you target your ads to maximize conversions.

One of the best places to learn more about your followers isn’t very far from your account. Twitter has released a new analytics platform that allows any account to gather information about followers.

On Twitter Analytics you can measure your tweet engagement and activity, view follower demographics (age, location, gender), and create Twitter Cards that allow you to display photos and videos that link directly back to your site. By having such a powerful tool right on the Twitter platform you can ensure that you’re posting the right things at the right time.

Social Quant

You will need to go through a short time of running and optimizing your Twitter content and postings based on data from Twitter Analytics. After this, you should have a pretty solid idea of the best demographics you should market to as well as their online interests and habits.

Once you know the types of groups you should be marketing to, you want those people to be following you. Getting a group of engaged and interested followers is often difficult, and random following of every account you see won’t do you much benefit. This is where Social Quant comes in and the concept is simple.

You create a list of relevant “keywords” that relate to your product, service, or targeted audience. Social Quant uses a series of algorithms to browse Twitter for accounts consistently mentioning or engaged in content similar to yours based on the created set of keywords.

Once the program identifies relevant accounts it automatically follows them, the fact that these accounts already have an interest in whatever you have to offer makes it extremely likely that you will get followed back. While randomly following people isn’t the correct marketing strategy, this program allows you to grow a large and engaged audience on Twitter.


HootSuite is a tool that can assist you with your Social Media Marketing across every platform. Twitter users are often bombarded by hundreds of tweets every day, this makes it unrealistic to expect your followers to see your content if it’s only updated every few days.

Consistency is key but for those running their own business, it is often difficult to set aside time for Social Media posting every day.

One of the best tools for tackling this issue is Hootsuite. This program automates the posting process by allowing you to schedule and create content all from a single platform.

Along with automatic posting, it also provides data on the success of your posts. HootSuite is an incredible asset that can help you succeed online even in your phone is across the room. URL Shortener

Unlike many social media platforms, Twitter posts often link off-site whereas Facebook usually links back to a profile page. The benefit this has for businesses is that your posts can easily direct followers directly to your site by simply adding a link below your content.

Google URL Shortener is a simple tool that gives you the ability to shorten your website links and track the number of clicks that each link has. By creating these unique links for your social media, you can gain an important insight into how successful your posts are at getting your followers to visit your site.


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