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Top 3 Tips To Boost Your E-Commerce Strategy

Updated: May 11, 2022

As an online business, you can walk out to the storefront and yell at passing people to come and check out your products.

Your online shop lacks the ability to have a flashy neon sign, you can’t advertise your great deals out the window, and you can’t start place your business somewhere it’s guaranteed to get a lot of traffic. Is it possible to have a successful business solely on the web?

In 2017 Americans spent $6.59 million online during Cyber Monday; the massive increase in online business has hurt many major brick and mortar corporations like Sears and Macys.

With the large numbers of businesses moving into the online world, having an effective e-commerce strategy is more important than ever for your products to get noticed. The marketing professionals at Border7 have provided a few of our best tips and tools to help us and our clients succeed in the online world and boost conversions!

Here are 3 Tips To Help You

1. Find Out Who You Are Selling To

One of the scariest things is to build your site and discover that your audience just doesn’t seem to exist. While selling Faberge eggs may be a great hobby, that is an unlikely market to gain a significant amount of traction in.

Spend some time to figure out who you and your competitors want to be marketing to, then optimize your content and site aesthetic to fit your audience. A great way to gain information about your customers is to set up analytics for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter platforms. This can provide you with valuable information on who is interested in your content.

2. Sell Products Online With Google Shopping Campaigns

When you search for something like “red heels” on Google, a “Shopping” tab appears that shows a page full of product pictures, pricing, and short descriptions.

Shopping Ads are a great way to display your products on online search engines and drive traffic to your store’s site. This type of Display Ad is set up through Google’s advertising program called Adwords.

Utilizing the programs regularly and creating shopping ads is a great way for businesses to gain a lot of traction fast. While it does cost money to run your Shopping Campaign, you are only charged when someone clicks your product or ad.

3. Stick With Social Media

While social media may seem at times irrelevant to the success of your website, it is one of the best methods to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.

Social Media is what is keeping your business alive: it tells you about your customers, tells your customers about you, and gives you the ability to advertise your products to large numbers of people.

There is an infinite amount of marketing techniques that can be used to boost your online business. Recently the watch company Daniel Wellington sent free watches to well-performing accounts on Instagram with under the condition that they post about their watch on their accounts. This caused their site traffic to explode and their brand to become easily recognizable throughout the web.

While you want your site to look lovely, building an online store that will increase your profit is just as important. Managing online ad campaigns, building an SEO optimized site, having a consistent social media presence, and gathering analytics on your customers can be technically demanding and time-consuming.

If you’re a business owner chances are you’re preoccupied with making your business the best you can be.

We at Border7 realize the importance of that and are here to ensure that people hear about it. Don’t let your businesses message get lost in the void, utilize our team of marketing professionals and start boosting your conversions today!


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