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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Updated: May 11, 2022

Think about the last time you went shopping online, since then, have you noticed that you’ve been getting emails and seeing that same product all over the web?

How does automated digital marketing work?

Have you ever wondered how these successful online businesses seem to know exactly what to advertise to you online? If you’re thinking that they have a panel of evil geniuses monitoring your every move, you might be relieved to know the answer is simpler than you think.

While it’s fun to think of internet conspiracy theories, in reality these companies are just taking advantage of Automated Digital Marketing Campaigns.

As you’re about to see, these types of targeted campaigns have become an invaluable asset in your digital marketing arsenal.

1. Building Customer Profiles and Targeting Your Marketing

Imagine having the tools to accurately gauge just how interested customers are in any particular message immediately after sending out an email blast.

Better yet, imagine being able to assign those same customers to different categories based off their varying degrees of interest.

With just one message, you have the ability to segment your campaign’s mailing list into those interested, those who purchased your product or service, or even those who didn’t open your email.

With these newly formed customer groups, you can tailor unique email campaigns to address their specific needs. Prompt existing customers with an upsell, reach out to interested clients to peak their interest, or advertise additional services to those uninterested.

2. Save Time and Money by Reducing the Need for a Large Staff

Automated Marketing Campaigns sound pretty handy don’t they? Now, imagine being able to do all of this at the click of a button?

You see unlike traditional marketing campaigns, once your automated email campaign has been configured, it will not require any additional input and will continue to operate unless otherwise specified.

Rather than have an entire staff devoted to qualifying the flood of incoming leads, you can now use automation to judge specific predetermined criteria based off user engagement.

The system will qualify your leads for you, filtering out those who are not serious and prepping each and every one for a smooth transition into speaking with a Sales Rep.

3. Automate and Focus Your Energy on the Larger More Important Tasks

With all the time you are saving from managing your marketing campaigns and qualifying your leads, you can focus your newfound time and energy into the larger and more important tasks like growing your business.

Use this extra time to develop a marketing flowchart and plan additional marketing campaigns or to review your site’s google analytics and suggest changes to your website’s structure or design. You can think of ways to out-market your competition or plan a roadmap to your business’s success, the possibilities are endless.


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