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The Wonders of Widgets

The Wonders of Widgets

If you struggle with how to keep inventory for both your online store, and your brick-and-mortar store up-to-date, or perhaps, you have a specific way in which you would like for something to work, but haven’t found an available solution.  You, my friend, might be in need of a widget!


Widgets can be big or small, intricate or simple. Much in the same way that an iPhone application adds utility, a well designed widget can allow users to sign up for your RSS feed, track visitors to your website, see how that visitor found it, create a YouTube playlist of your favorite videos, as well as provide you with the most current syndicated data, like stock quotes, or daily weather.


Any page that lets you add an HTML block, should allow you to add a widget. You can put them on your blog, personal website, personalized start page, or your business website. Clocks, event countdowns, calendars, advertisements, basically anything that will provide additional functionality to your site, can be built into a widget.

Getting a cool, new widget could be the answer to your shipping nightmare, or provide you with an inventive, interactive approach that appeals to your clients. Where do you go for a well-tested, custom widget that will make your site more functional, and responsive to your business’ needs?  Look no further than Border7 Studios, the widget master!

Ranch at the Rim specializes in high end western clothing for men, women, and children. Selling both online, and at their San Antonio, TX location, they also offer western accented housewares including bedding, dining and accessories. Managing a large inventory that involves seasonal wear, along with consignment items, can be especially trying.


Border7 Studios built a widget for Ranch at the Rim that would provide an automatic stock sync of their Volusion store with RunIt‘s inventory management software, allowing them to sell in their retail store, and online, while keeping track of their entire inventory within RunIt’s Systems. What could have been a big inventory problem, is now an efficiently managed approach, thanks to a widget.

What type of widget will help you, or your business solve a problem, or stand out in the marketplace? Contact us, we’d love to talk widgets with you!


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