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Squeeze Cards: How to Turn Business Cards Into Actual Lead Generators

What’s a Squeeze Card?

If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you’ve left with a stack of business cards that have most likely sat on your desk until you realize that so much time has gone by that they probably won’t remember who you are. That’s because the business card they gave you only includes their information. You’re only going to think to contact them if you have a referral, or if you need the service or product they offer.

Instead, what if they gave you a Squeeze Card that included a free gift you could access by visiting their website. This could be a free guide, or a coupon for a product they sell. Who doesn’t like free gifts, right? Now you’ve decided to visit their site to checkout this gift, and while browsing their site, you’ve learned more about their business than you would have by simply reading the information on their card. You can also sign up for their monthly newsletter to stay in the loop regarding future offers, and keep the connection long-term.

What’s a Squeeze Page?

A Squeeze Page features an overview of the benefits of the Attractive Marketing Device – AMD (or Lead Magnet) you are offering, and requests that in exchange for the offer, a visitor shares their email address with you.

In our experience, we have found that taking a visitor to a Squeeze Page with a clearly defined goal increases the chances of them converting significantly. A Squeeze Page is a new take on the popular Landing Page concept.

Landing Pages have proven to be successful over traditional site pages, or product and category pages, but they do not ensure that there is an opportunity in the future to communicate. Unlike Landing Pages, which provide customers with information, the primary goal of a Squeeze Page is to obtain information from the customer.


Squeeze cards provide you with another opportunity to build a relationship and nurture that relationship. If you can provide value to someone you’ve just met by giving them a free guide or a coupon, the chances that they will remember you positively in the future are much higher.


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