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Social Media Marketing: Youtube

Social Media Marketing: Youtube

Video Marketing On Youtube

            When people are stuck with a broken faucet or a leaky engine they generally don’t run to the library. When in a time crunch for answers, most people revert to their cellphones. They watch dozens of videos to solve whatever problem they may be facing. There are 1.3 billion people actively watching Youtube, making it one of the biggest advertising opportunities available for businesses of any size. When queries related to your product or service are searched on Youtube, you want your videos to show up at the top of the list. The marketing professionals at Border7 have provided you with some tips and tricks to help boost both your youtube views and business success!

While having quality content is key for view rates, understanding the metrics of your videos can give you a better understanding of how to optimize and improve your overall channel. 58% of viewers on Youtube arrive at their videos through the Related Videos tab, this makes it important that you know what similar content your audience is watching and what their interests are. One of the best tools for gathering data both on you and your competitor’s videos is VidIQ. This Chrome plugin shows the number of views per hour, channel engagement and brand mentions on Facebook and Twitter, the average watch time, and the tags being used in the video. Tags, or Keywords, are a set of words that you create relating to your video. When these specific words are searched your video is triggered to show up as related content. Through analyzing similar channels, you can optimize your keyword lists to better fit your target audience and bring in more traffic. Knowing what the popular channels are isn’t enough, but VidIQ allows you to know what keywords allow successful businesses to bring that traffic in.

Once you know what your target audience is searching for and what keywords you need to start showing up in searches, you now need to know how long to make your video and what time to upload it. BirdSong Analytics Youtube Analytics Feature is a great way to analyze the SEO Techniques of your competitors. While the program is a paid tool, it provides valuable information your competitors best times to upload and get likes, how your video duration affects viewing, and the types of words being used in captions.

Utilising the two powerful tools of VidIQ and Birdsong Analytics you can dominate your competitors on Youtube. Knowing more about your audience and their viewing habits can allow you to craft a video campaign that effectively attracts your ideal customer. Although having quality content is key, having metrics on your videos can ensure that their being seen by the right people.


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