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Restructuring Your Ecommerce Store for Faster Growth

Updated: May 11, 2022

Restructuring Your E-Commerce Store for Faster Growth [s1 s4]

What’s up guys! Ailsa from Border7 here.

Today we are going to be talking about Restructuring Your E-Commerce Store for Faster Growth.

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Guide a Customer

If you’ve been in a retail store before, you know how annoying it is when an employee comes up to you and asks if you need help while you are just browsing.

You also know that it’s even more frustrating when you do need help because you can’t find what you are looking for, and you need to work to find someone to help you give them money.

Customers do not want to have to work. They’re busy and they want to know if you have what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

Navigation Should Be Simple The best types of e-commerce navigations are ones that are simple and user-focused. They include the categories right in the main navigation, and getting to the product you are looking for takes less than 3 clicks.

Support and internal links are in the header and footer, and the chat box is available, but not in their face.

How to Restructure Your E-Commerce Store

If your store is overwhelming and is presenting too many options to a customer, chances are they are going to bounce.

Here are 3 tips to help you restructure your store:

  1. Categories and products – What do you have for sale and how quickly can I get to the page where I can add the product to my cart? If you’re are not taking a customer to your products quickly and easily, you are making them work to add something to their cart.

  2. Promotions, Policies & Coupons – Where can a customer find a coupon or the specials your business is running? If they aren’t in the header, or automatically added to the shopping cart, you’re making your customer work.

  3. Support & Contact – Contact information should be prominent in the header and footer of the site, and you should also have a chat system available, as well as your support policies clearly outlined for your customer.

If you need to restructure your navigation, make it visual for yourself by drawing out a sitemap. Determine which main categories you want to show in the main navigation, and the subcategories that should go underneath them.

Are there images of categories or a promotion you’d like to display within the navigation? If so, you should consider adding a mega menu to make your navigation more visual and engaging.

Next, get all your internal links (contact us, about, policies, etc.) into the header or footer of the site, if possible. Typically, you’ll want to only have your categories in the navigation, as this helps to direct a customer to the main goal of visiting the product page, adding it to their cart, and completing a purchase.

Important Content Above the Fold

Visit your site on your desktop, tablet, and on your phone. What content can you see without having to scroll down? If it’s not the most important information, move it below the fold, and bump the important information above.

If you have a slideshow, make sure your slides have copy and call to actions (shop, learn more, etc). to direct your customer to specific pages.

For those who have a lot of products with many options, add a filter, search refinement, and a site search to your site to make finding a specific product quick and easy.


Making these updates to your site will help to improve the user experience, which means a reduced bounce rate, improved engagement and an increase in online sales.

Once you’ve restructured your store, you’ll want to schedule a reminder to revisit your store’s performance in 6 months.

See if you’re getting a drop off on a particular page, and consider what you could do to streamline the user’s journey as much as possible.

Thanks for watching! I hope this video was helpful for how you can restructure your e-commerce store for faster growth.


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