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Problems with Volusion’s HTML editor

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Problems with Volusion’s HTML editor

Volusion’s So Called “HTML” editor

You know what really grinds my gears?  When you attempt to modify a minor issue within your Category/Article using the Volusion HTML editor, only to find that the editor has completely broken the layout of the page.  So, you end up searching through all of your code in order to hopefully find the element that it has changed.

This has happened to me on numerous accounts when I try to update my content.  I have used my past experiences with the editor to compose a list of items that you should help you when modifying your own content within Volusion using the HTML Editor.

  1. Always have a backup of your working content in case unpredictable errors start appearing, that way you have something to go back should something go wrong.

  2. Avoid using forward slashes (/) within HTML comment <!– –>. I’ve noticed that each time I save my content that has a forward slash, I start seeing multiple forward slashes being added to the code. This might not alter what you see on your actual site, but it will start cluttering your code significantly.

  3. Be careful when using the greater than, or less than symbols anywhere besides surrounding elements. Volusion will parse these into their ASCII codes which could cause errors. I mainly noticed this happening when using direct descendant CSS.

Hopefully these tips will help save you from the frustrating experience of having extra code added to your content and messing up your site.  

Volusion’s HTML Editor hasn’t always been this way, and I hope that in the next update they will address this editor issue.  In the meantime, remember to always backup your content!


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