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Prepare Your Online Store for Cyber Monday

Updated: May 11, 2022

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Make sure your store is in the best possible shape to bring in money during the holidays. Some people don’t realize that they can get fantastic deals without even having to leave the comfort of their own homes. If you are not capitalizing on this, you should be!

Here are 5 tips to help prepare your online store for Cyber Monday:

1. Verify that your store can handle heavy traffic

If your site were to go viral would you be ready? You will also want to double check that you are not going to be hit with surprising bandwidth overages should your site receive an increase in traffic.

2. Optimize your site for mobile

Responsive design is the future, and if you haven’t updated your template to either your platform’s provided responsive templates, or had a custom responsive design created, you’re missing out. Google’s mobile friendly update expects your site to be optimized for mobile, and customers expect the same. Check out your store on a mobile device and see if it is easy to navigate and complete a purchase.

3. Implement the changes you have been putting off

If you have a broken footer, or missing images, this is not going to make your site look trustworthy. Customers are only going to place an order with a store that looks like it is regularly maintained, going to protect their credit card information, and will deliver quickly.

4. Be creative and decorate your store

Promote your holiday sales with stunning banners and graphics. If your business has a mascot, add holiday themed props, and get your customers into the holiday spirit.

5. Promote your store

Once your store has been updated, decorated, and is ready to sell, make sure you are promoting your store with blog posts, newsletter emails, and social media posts. Tell your followers why they should check out your store, and encourage more people to join your community.


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