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Passive and Active SEO for WordPress

Updated: May 11, 2022

Passive and Active SEO for WordPress

Passive and Active SEO

SEO is the process of utilizing Digital Strategies, techniques, and tactics to becoming high ranking when searched on different search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Good SEO gets you ranking higher, which in turn gives you more visitors and a higher customer conversion rate.

Effective SEO

Most potential customers don’t scroll through pages and pages of results online, so that makes it essential that your business is the first thing they see when they type in a related query. But what practices actually go into effective SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is often split into two methodologies: Passive and Active. Passive SEO is modifying your own site to make it more likely to get picked as a top result by a search engine. This can be done by adding keywords, site optimization, landing page experience, accessibility and relevance of site content. 

Having good meta information and keywords helps your site show up when searched, and having great content and site design helps keep visitors there. Having your sites technical aspects and design optimized is an investment that when finished will continue to constantly boost site rankings.

Active SEO is about building up a blog and using other sites or links to direct back to you. While blog creation and link acquisition may not seem directly related to the product or service you’re offering, these activities help funnel a customer to your site while also leaving a good impression.

Blogs to Help Increase Visibility

Blogs can help increase visibility and linking to your site, and they also help build your reputation or Social Authority online.

A great way to get started is by finding out the most searched topics/questions of your business, creating some free resource where they can learn about those things, and then include how your company can help provide that solution or service.

Content is King!

Active SEO requires being engaged on the web, frequent blog creation, and the important task of having your blog linked to other sites or social media.

While there is a lot that goes into it, it’s important to have a balance between technical site optimization and content creation.

By utilizing both Passive and Active SEO you will be able to boost site ranking, grow online presence, increase linking to your site, and raise your conversions to new heights!


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