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MailChimp Not Syncing with BigCommerce

If you have an existing BigCommerce store that has been connected with your MailChimp account, but it suddenly stopped syncing, you’re not going crazy!

MailChimp recently decided to shutdown their older APIs. This caused all integrations that had been using an API lower than 2.0 to stop working.

This has been an issue that several members of the BigCommerce community have reported, and the good news is that there is a fix for it.

How to Fix It

From your BigCommerce dashboard, navigate to Marketing > Email Marketing and then un-check the MailChimp checkbox, disabling the older integration.

Next, install the free app from the BigCommerce app store, which uses the new API.

This update wont have any impact on your lists, but it does require setting up the app.

What’s an API?

Now that you’ve fixed the issue, you might be wondering what an API (Application Programming Interface) is. Basically, it is a set of defined communication methods that provides the building blocks for systems to talk to each other.

Good API is well documented and makes a developer’s life easier, as it can simplify programming.

Why Does an API Get Shutdown?

APIs are typically deprecated (or shutdown) because the developers of the solution no longer want to support it. This can be due to security reasons, bugs, it encouraged bad coding practices, or because they simply prefer that the new, updated method is used instead.

How to Avoid Future Sync Issues

Find a web developer or agency that provides ongoing support and maintenance services to help you stay on top of the solutions you use. If you can take a proactive approach, and update your solutions before there’s an issue, you can save yourself valuable time and avoid future headaches.

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