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How to Reach Your E-Commerce Goals

Updated: May 11, 2022

S1 E3: How to Reach Your E-Commerce Goals

What’s up guys! Ailsa from Border7 here. Today we are going to be talking about How to Reach Your E-Commerce Goals. It’s one thing to establish your goals and it’s something else to create a plan that allows you to actually reach them.

So, today we’ll be talking about how to create a road map to reach your online goals.

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The Importance of Planning

Creating a plan to reach your goals can seem incredibly daunting. One of my mentors recently said to me that if you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s because you’re giving too much priority to too many things.

So, to become laser focused, you need a plan. The first step of creating your plan is Figuring Out Where Your Business is Now, and Establishing Goals for Your E-Commerce business. These happen to be the first two episodes in this season, so if you missed those, be sure to check them out.

Break Goals into Manageable Steps

I like to break my goals into small, manageable steps and assign dates for when I want to have them completed.

Depending on your personality or preference, this can be a list, a visual board, or a flowchart drawn on a whiteboard. Be as creative as you want, just don’t leave it in a binder on a shelf and forget about it.

When Creating Your Game Plan:

  1. Define & Clarify Your Goal

  2. Determine What Resources Will Be Needed

  3. Identify if You’ll Need to Create a Budget

  4. Establish Key Business Metrics to Set Benchmark

  5. Outline Tasks, Sub-tasks & Prioritize

  6. Schedule in Due Dates for Tasks & Reviewing Progress

  7. Document as you go (what you did and when you did it)


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