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How to Increase Onsite Conversions of Your eCommerce Store

Updated: May 11, 2022

Checklist to Help Increase eCommerce Sales

Review the following list of several quick improvements you can easily do to increase your online revenue:

  1. High Quality Product Images

  2. Offer Free Shipping

  3. Coupon Codes Available & Rewarding Customer Loyalty

  4. Checkout Process Easy & Streamlined

  5. Live Chat Setup

  6. Pages are Uncluttered & Simple

  7. SSL Installed & Security Trust Badges Installed

  8. Slides/Banners have a call to action & guide customers to next step

  9. Guest Checkout Enabled

  10. eCommerce Buttons are Prominent and Easy to Find

  11. Product Reviews and Testimonials are Available

  12. Return Policy Available & Easy to Find

  13. Phone Number is Prominent in Header

  14. Custom Landing Pages for PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns

Targeted Messaging

Copy can often times be an afterthought for eCommerce store owners. This is because the focus is often put on how the site looks and functions. Your messaging is a huge factor in helping to increase conversions.

If you are struggling with planning your copy, or how to revamp your copy, start with a user journey map for your store to map out all of the touch points where you communicate with your visitors.

Questions to Consider When Reviewing Copy

As you work on this user journey map, consider the following questions:

  1. Have I established a customer profile for my target customer?

  2. Am I speaking to my target customer’s pain points?

  3. Does my copy only focus on my business, or does it clearly explain what’s in it for the customer?

  4. Have I clearly explained our store policies (free shipping, free returns, 24/7 support, etc.)?

  5. Am I highlighting what makes my store different from my competitors & why customers should shop with me?

Tools to Help You

Most eCommerce platforms will have built-in conversion optimization tools, but we’ve put together a list of a few additional tools we love to use to help increase conversions.

  1. Test Site Speed: Pingdom

  2. Competitor Analysis: SpyFu

  3. User Flow in: Google Analytics

  4. Record Visitor Actions on Site: Inspectlet

  5. Increase Customer Review Experience: Rivet Works


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