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How to Get the Most Out of Your Shopify Store

There’s always something you can be doing to improve your Shopify store, and as a Shopify Partner, we love thinking up new ways to make our client’s Shopify stores succeed. Whether it’s some custom development so you can get just the right functionality, or it’s something as simple as reordering the way your products and categories are laid out; one thing is for certain: there are always things you can be tweaking and improving!

Tip #1: Google Analytics

First of all, make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your store. Google Analytics is an application that helps you know information about your sites visitors. You can figure out how many of them are coming to your site, what they’re looking at, and how they’re finding you. It even supports more in-depth information such as how long they’re staying on your site, what they’re clicking, and more. With this tool you can gather data, which you will want to utilize to determine the best direction for your SEO and marketing campaigns.

You can use this information to customize your site and maximize your most popular products and pages. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful ways to edit your store, and to advance your business. Google also offers Google Webmaster and Google AdWords keyword planner tools, which are great resources to utilize.

Tip #2: Get Responsive!

Mobile eCommerce is now more than 30% of all sales, and by 2018 it’ll be 40%! Not having a responsive site means that people on mobile are much less likely to be able to navigate your site, or will even be able to visit your site. That’s equivalent to turning away 1/3rd of your customers! Mobile friendliness is one of the most important aspects of a new or existing site thee days. Shopify has a lot of great responsive themes in their theme store, but having a custom, responsive design can really help make you stand out to search engines and users.


When you update to a mobile friendly responsive site your customers who are surfing the web from their phone see your site the way that they’re meant to. Having a site like this will for sure keep your website up to date and help you make even more sales. Most Shopify themes these days come automatically responsive. But if you have an older theme, it might be time to update.

Tip #3: Build Customer Trust: Get SSL/Site-Wide HTTPS

You might not know what SSL or HTTPS is off the top of your head, but you’d recognize it if you saw it! HTTPS is simply a away of encrypting and making sure that your connection to a website is private. In the age of huge “hacking” scandals appearing on the news, customers might be less inclined to give their information out online to sites they are not familiar with. But when a customer sees the green in the menu-bar indicating your store uses HTTPS, they’ll instantly feel sure that their information is safe.


ABOVE: A screenshot showing what HTTPS and SSL adds to the menu bar of your website.

Shopify provides a Free SSL certificate to all stores on their platform, using the industry standard 256-bit encryption technology. This is the same secure level used by large banks for safe-guarding information. Having SSL means that all of your eligible pages on your online store are HTTPS, and also that you have a third-party company verifying that you are a legitimate website.  It’s the ultimate step in verifying your companies identity.

Tip #4: Check Out Shopify’s Extensive App Library

Wondering how to increase your sales by scheduling store sales, track customer sharing on social media, or perhaps bulk printing your shipping labels to save you time and money? Relax! Shopify probably has an app for you, and offers both free, & paid versions, which you can search by name, price, popularity, category, or collection. Most of the paid Shopify apps even offer a free trial period, so that you can take it for a test run, prior to purchasing it.

Examples of Shopify Apps

ABOVE: Just a few of Shopify’s vast offerings from their App Store.

Shopify handpicks their app collection, and keeps them updated to appeal to shops, no matter what stage of growth they’re in. Whether you have a start-up company with a brand new online store, or you’re a seasoned, successful Shopify merchant, see what Shopify’s App Store can do for your business.

Need more help?

We can assist you with implementing any one of these features, and also offer many other ways to further customize your Shopify Store. Send us a message or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!


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