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How to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Updated: May 11, 2022

Offer Incentives, Be Human, & Signup Form Placement

Nowadays, everyone is getting an email from every company they have ever shown interest in, or ordered a product from.

Sometimes you may not even remember signing up for a newsletter, or you’re pretty sure you unsubscribed, but are still receiving emails. If you want to continue to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter, you’re going to have to make it worth their while.

Let’s Talk About Getting More Newsletter Subscribers:

  • Offer Incentives. “Sign up for our newsletter, and receive 20% off.”

h&m newsletter incentive
  • Be Human. Your computer is a machine, but you’re not!

wholly hemp soothing pink grapefruit soap bar
  1. Signup Form Placement. Header, Footer, Underneath a Blog Post.

victoria's secret's pink newsletter signup bar

How do you get people to sign up for your newsletter? Post your comments below.

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