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Facebook Social Media Marketing

Updated: May 11, 2022

Facebook Marketing

Top 3 Facebook Business Marketing Strategies

Facebook is usually the first platform people think of when they consider marketing themselves on social media. It is the biggest social media network on the internet, both in its number of users and its name recognition.

Facebook also contains the largest number of business accounts across social media, they boast a powerful 50 million business pages with over 2.5 billion comments on these pages every month.

Facebook’s growing popularity makes it increasingly difficult to succeed as a business on the platform. Delivering relevant and quality content on a consistent basis is key to establishing a solid base of followers. This process of setting up and running your account can be time-consuming and difficult.

To help you maximize your time online and get back to running your business, the marketing experts at Border7 have created a list of some of the most powerful tools to start turning your Facebook followers into customers.

Facebook Business Page

Most people set up their profiles on regular accounts, but the best way to approach Facebook as a business is to set it up as a business page. No business is on Facebook just to make friends; they are utilizing it as a tool to increase brand awareness and get people interested in their service.

Having a regular profile limits your account to 5,000 Friends, thus preventing your now successful account from expanding.

Setting up a business page gives you a professional edge with an unlimited amount of page engagements.

These pages give you the ability to share contests or promotions online while also giving access to Facebook Advertising. There are no drawbacks to opting for a business page and the best part is that it provides you with access to the powerful Facebook Analytics.

Facebook Analytics

With the use of Facebook analytics, you can now gather tons of information about your business page right on the account. Using this powerful tool you can gain demographic information on your followers, identify real engagement vs bot engagements, and most active follower times.

Analytics can help you gain a solid idea of your customer likes and dislikes, as well as provide you with a good idea of what content works or doesn’t work with your audience. Understanding who you’re marketing to can allow you to optimize your content creation and posting habit to maximize engagement.

Promoted Posts on Facebook

Optimizing your content to better fit your audience and creating a quality account are essential for you to begin succeeding on any platform, but advertising can be an extremely useful tool to get effectively share your services with people looking for them.

Less than 10% of the businesses on Facebook advertise their posts, this makes it far easier for smaller businesses to engage in advertising and then succeed over larger competitors.

When advertising on Facebook you can choose the demographics and locations of the people whom your blogs are being shown to. After spending some time monitoring your Analytics you can transfer your knowledge of who your ideal customers are to your advertising campaign.

Promoting your posts is a great way to quickly gain attention and target your audience efficiently, also the Ads Manager tool on Facebook shows data on individual ad performance allowing you to only advertise the highest achieving posts. While advertising will cost you, the increased engagement can skyrocket your return on investment.


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