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Border7 Studios is Now a Solid Commerce Partner

Border7 Studios is Now a Solid Commerce Partner

Border7 Studios is pleased to announce another partnership this week with the cloud based order management and inventory system, Solid Commerce.  Solid Commerce is a single user integrated interface that automatically imports data.  What does that mean, you ask?  Well, let’s say you own 3 online stores for your pet shop business, and you would like to add new dog leashes to all of your stores. It would take quite a long time for you to add your new products to each store, and verify that they are all displayed exactly as you had intended. With Solid Commerce, however, you can push that new data to as many sales channels as you wish, saving you valuable time and money.

Some of the other great features they offer are:

  1. Inventory Management

  2. Shipping

  3. Tracking Updates

  4. Price Management

  5. Integrations

  6. Automated Fulfillment

  7. Reporting

If any of these features interest you, then you should consider integrating your web stores and marketplaces with their knowledgeable and friendly account managers.  Not only will you see an increase in revenue and higher profit margins, but you will also receive great, personalized customer service. We are excited to add Solid Commerce to our list of fantastic partners!

Interested in starting a new project, or have a question for the Border7 Team?  Contact us.  We’d love to hear from you! 

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