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Benefits of Working with an Agency Over a Freelancer

Updated: May 11, 2022

Benefits of Working with an Agency Over a Freelancer [E1 E5]

Hello Everyone! Ailsa from Border7 here. Today we are going to be talking about the Benefits of Working with an Agency Over a Freelancer. This channel is dedicated to helping ecommerce stores transform their business. If you haven’t already subscribed to our channel, be sure to do so, and don’t forget to click the little bell to make sure you don’t miss a video.

Agency vs. Freelancer

Over the past decade we’ve been in the web design & development space, we’ve had clients ask why they should hire an agency over a freelancer.

Consider the Following

Before you begin contacting and interviewing candidates, first ask yourself a few questions about your project:

  1. What is your goal for your project?

  2. How complex is the project?

  3. What is my budget?

  4. Do I have time to teach myself, or have someone on my team learn how to do this?

  5. How quickly do I want to get this project completed?

Pros & Cons of a Freelancer

Pros: Specialization & Lower Cost – A freelancer is often talented at a specific niche skill-set. For example, if you need help with writing copy or managing your social media account, a freelancer can be a great way to help you accomplish your goal while also keeping costs down.

Cons: Limitations & Unreliable – Since you are hiring an individual to complete a project, they may not have experience with solving potential problems or unexpected changes that may arise. As a team of one, unexpected disruptions can occur and deadlines can be missed.

Pro & Con of an Agency

Pros: Experience & Service – With a team behind you and usually a project manager to oversee the project, the final product is more consistent and professional than a couple of freelancers working together.

Cons: More Expensive & Business Policies – Agencies are typically more expensive than a freelancer, and they have defined polices and business hours they work within. This may or may not be an issue for you, but if you are looking for someone to work after hours or on the weekend on your project (at the same rate), this is something you’ll want to consider.

Who to Choose?

Choosing to hire an agency, a freelancer, your nephew, or outsource overseas will ultimately depend on where you are with your business, and your budget for the project.

I’m obviously biased, but if you have the budget for it, want quality work, the project delivered on time, and to know that you’ll have access to wealth of knowledge and expertise, choose an agency.

If you’re just getting started, or don’t have the funds to hire an agency, go with a freelancer, a family member with experience in the space, or an overseas party who can deliver the project for you at a lower price.


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