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Benefits of a SEO Consultant

Benefits of an SEO Consultant

            Why should you hire a Search Engine Optimization Consultant? What is the value of investing in online SEO? Well your business may have all the boxes checked off: great products, fair prices, and exemplary customer service. While you may have all the ingredients for a successful business, it doesn’t always guarantee success. With all the hard work you put into your business, if it doesn’t show up online then you are losing an endless stream of potential customers. A Search Engine Optimization Consultant works online to increase website traffic and through making your website rank higher on search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Optimizing Site Content

SEO is more than just getting lots of followers, it’s about getting a following that is meaningful to your business. By gathering and analyzing analytics of website and social media visitors you can get a good idea of customer demographics and preferences. Using this data you can create content that resonates better with your followers and reflects their interests. An SEO consultant can gather data from every facet of your online presence and come up with a clear and concise goal for your businesses online strategy.

Getting A Quality Following

It may seem worthwhile at first to click the many websites advertising “Buy 500 Real Followers!”, it is the worst return on investment possible. Accruing a large number of random followers won’t do your business much good, but by targeting an audience that cares about you and your services you can start building a meaningful online presence. Targeting is ensuring your posts are reaching people with similar interests to what you are offering. One of the best tools for targeting are Keywords, specific words that trigger web pages and ads related to that topic. Imagine you have an employee constantly trying to hunt down new leads 24/7 without sleeping or eating. That becomes a reality when you optimize your site with a set of keywords for every page and every ad. No matter what time of day, if someone searches a keyword placed in the backend of your site, then your company is likely to show up.

Have an SEO Optimized Website

Along with having a site overflowing with relevant keywords, your sites landing page, content, and posting consistency have a huge toll in helping you rise up in search engine rankings. Posting content consistently on your site’s blog helps build your business reputation while also helping increase site relevance because of the wide variety of subjects mentioned on your pages.

Showing up on the 3rd page of search results makes the chances your business will get recognized increasingly low, so ensuring your SEO is at peak performance is absolutely essential. The importance of SEO is undisputed, but it oftentimes gets overlooked due to the technical skill and extensive time required to maintain a successful online campaign. The hardest part of beginning your SEO optimization is coming up with a strategy, and the professionals here at Border7 can help you with that. Our brand new Get Your Ship Together Ship Together Service can help you understand where your business is now and what you can do going forward. We will provide an in-depth consultation and competitor research that will provide you with the knowledge you need to begin creating an SEO optimized site that will look and perform great.

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