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7 Ways to Improve Your Digital Strategy Right Now

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

With many businesses unsure of how long this social distancing will continue, it might feel like a lot is out of your control right now.

The good news is that if you have access to a computer, you can use some of this time to improve your digital strategy.

We wanted to share 7 ways you can improve your digital strategy right now, so you can increase traffic to your site and encourage more on-site conversions!

1. Verify Google Analytics & Webmaster

Your analytics and webmaster tools are a huge help in tracking and analyzing your website data.

If you’re not sure if your Google Analytics tag is working correctly, try one of the options listed here to verify your setup.

If you’re on Wix, here’s a guide to walk you through this, and if you’re using WordPress, there are plugins like Yoast that will also guide you to enter in the necessary information.

2. Audit your site for traffic & conversions

Auditing your website is how you can get optics on your data. It can help you determine how visitors are finding you, how long they stay on your site, and what action they take next.

improve your digital strategy

By taking time to review your site’s data, you can identify areas to improve it to increase performance

Consider the following:

  1. Is it easy to access key information and next steps from your main navigation and mobile menu?

  2. Does each page make it clear, what it’s for, why someone should work with you and what to do next?

  3. Is the experience intuitive, or are there distractions that could be overwhelming your visitors?

  4. How quickly does your site load (on desktop & mobile)?

  5. Is the content on your site high-quality & engaging?

  6. Has your site been optimized for search engines & relevant keywords?

  7. Are you featuring a lead magnet (a small offer to make a micro commitment for more information) and compelling call to actions?

3. Take & Add new photos

Search engines love new content. Updating your photos is a great way to show search engines and visitors to your site that you keep your content up to date.

take and add new photos

Be sure to include what’s called an Alt text for your photo, so search engines and people with disabilities know what the image is.

If you have outdated or grainy images, it’s a good to get them updated with a higher quality camera, by hiring a professional photographer, or, you can also use stock photography.

4. Improve your call to actions

Getting traffic to your site but it’s not converting? This can be because the wrong audience is coming to your site, or your call to actions are not compelling enough.

You’ll want to make sure you first build value, so a visitor is motivated to take the next step. A few examples of ways this can be done is by offering something for free, at a discounted rate, or making a limited time offer.

Some examples of call to action buttons are, “Add to Cart,” “Download Guide,” “Call Now” and “Learn More.”

Make sure you have basic functionality such as click to call and that you verify all of your call to actions perform as promised.

5. Update your thank you pages

Thank you pages are often missed opportunities to share more information or outline next steps. A few examples of what to include on this page are a video, helpful blog posts to read or a free community they can join.

improve your digital strategy example thank you page

If you can share information and set expectations each step of the way, you can build trust and make your audience feel more comfortable.

6. Setup an automatic email campaign

Email automation is a great way to improve communication with prospective and current clients.

improve your digital strategy

With tools like Keap, MailChimp, and Wix, you can create automations that will send out one or multiple emails when a trigger is activated.

Examples of email automations:

  1. When someone fills out a contact form

  2. Offer a downloadable guide

  3. Recover abandoned cart

  4. Thank customer after a purchase

  5. As a client for feedback

  6. Follow up with a new client

  7. Thank a client for attending a session

  8. Welcome a new site member

For a few other tips on how to automate and streamline your process, check out this article we wrote here.

7. Plan your content for the next quarter

Creating content is especially difficult if you don’t take the time to plan out what you want to say and when you plan to write it.

plan your content for the next quarter

We recommend sitting down each quarter and planning out several topics for the next few months. Having a plan of what you want to write about (or create a video and/or podcast for) will make it easier to sit down and make it happen.

If you feel like the days and weeks just fly by and you don’t have time to create your content, block out time in your schedule to do it. Your schedule has a way of filling up with other meetings and tasks if you don’t claim the time for yourself!

Still struggling to stick to your plan? Find an accountability partner who will check in and make sure you’re following your plan!

Wrapping It Up

Taking time to improve your digital strategy will help you in both the short term and the long term.

If you can make it easier for your ideal clients to find you, and once they do, your website guides them to the next step, you’ll not only provide a better user experience, but can also increase your chances of getting more conversions!


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