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7 Ideas to Market Your Website for the Holidays and Beyond!

Updated: May 11, 2022

With the holidays and new year right around the corner, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready. Follow these 7 tips to help you market your website for the holidays and beyond!

1) Optics – Analyze What’s Working & What Isn’t

Before devoting any resources towards your website, take time to assess where you are now.  This is the best way to ensure that you see a return on your efforts, since you won’t be the only business owner optimizing your site for the holidays.

Segmentation allows you to see what content your customers are showing interest in, and then target them with specific and creative offers that match their interest. By using A/B Testing, you can determine what’s working and boost your marketing results.

2) Set Clear Goals for the Holiday Season & the 1st Quarter of 2019

Goal setting is a must in order to determine if your efforts were a success or not.  Once you’ve established optics on where you are now, decide where you’d like to be.

When you have that in mind, reverse engineer what needs to happen so you can get there. 

What channels do you need to use to connect with your target audience? How much traffic do you need to generate with your average conversion in mind? 

Taking time to establish your goals will not only help you for the holidays, but it will also carryover into the new year.

3) Prepare for Traffic

Make sure your website can handle an increase in traffic & is optimized for conversions.

If it’s not and your site crashes or you have a high bounce rate, then all of your hard work will be for nothing. Check with your hosting provider to make sure you have the right plan for your business needs.

4) Get Festive! Dress up your website for the holidays

In addition to making sure your site is up-to-date and optimized for conversions, don’t be afraid to show your holiday spirit.

Much like decorating a brick and mortar store, adding some festive decorations to your store is a great way to showcase certain products or promotions you’re offering.

5) Your Email Marketing List is your friend!

Email is still the most effective way to market your business, so take time to plan what campaigns you want to run and get those scheduled.  Don’t forget to check back on your campaign’s performance once you’ve sent out your newsletter, so you can continue to fine tune your strategy!

6) Get a “Set it and Forget it” plan for Social Media

Social media is a great tool to connect with your target audience and build a lasting relationship. 

Consistency is key when creating a solid social media strategy, which is where social scheduling is a must.  Utilize social posting tools like Social Pilot to schedule your posts in for the month and automate your posting.

When things get busy you’ll thank yourself!

7) Spread Some Cheer and Give Back

Consider donating some of your profit to a charity or plan a volunteer day with your team.  It’s a great way to help your community and bond together during the holidays!


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