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3 Reasons to Wireframe

Updated: May 11, 2022

What is a Wireframe?

A wireframe visually outlines the informational architecture and functionality of a web page.

This is great because it helps you plan how content should be laid out on the page. Wireframes are important because they ensure that each page has a purpose and that your site is user-focused.

Wireframes can be a rough sketch, or involve organizing content blocks in a 3rd party system. They don’t have any design elements (font type, logo, or color scheme), because the purpose of them is to focus fully on the structure and functionality of the site.

3 Reasons to Wireframe

1. Organize / Prioritize Content and Layout

Before jumping into creating a mockup of a web page, it’s important to determine your information buckets and the call to actions that will be displayed on each page.

Different content can call for different layout types, so it’s important that you take the time to prioritize which content should come first and how it should be displayed.

2. Focus on User Experience

The elements that you choose to feature on a page will impact the end user’s experience.

Having a user-friendly site is more beneficial than having a nice looking site that your audience struggles to use.

Ideally, you’ll create wireframes for all of your pages, and take the time to determine how each page will be linked to one another in order to make the user flow as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

3. Save Time & Money

It may seem like more effort to start the process of creating a website with wireframes, but it will save you time and effort overall.

Focusing on UX (user experience) and outlining which features, sections and pages need to be included in the build will help you avoid wasted hours. Once a wireframe is locked, attention can be put fully on the design.

Example Wireframe & Mockup

example wireframe

Our Approach to Wireframing

Through our programs, we take the time to create wireframes of key pages because we understand that in order to have a successful project, everyone involved needs to know exactly what is being built.

It also helps us determine how involved the pages will be to design and code, if there’s any other information we need from you, and make sure that the pages include necessary content to support your goals.


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