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10 Things to Keep In Mind For Your New Site

Updated: May 11, 2022

10 Things to Keep In Mind For Your New Site

Creating an online presence for your startup company is important, and is a great way to spark interest in your business.  

After you have created a game plan, and selected a domain name (preferably a short one), you’re going to want to start looking for a solution that will support the goals you are looking to accomplish.

Here are 10 points to keep in mind when looking for a solution:

1. Test to make sure you’re 100% positive that there is a need for your product/idea

You can have a good idea, but that doesn't mean there's a need for it. Taking the time to make sure that you're offering a solution to a problem is a great way to show proof of concept before you dedicate valuable resources to it.

2. Small Budget? Make do with what’s available.

If you do not have the budget for a custom project, see what's already available that you can use while you show proof of concept.

There's tons of technology and templates out there!

Once you've done this and have the money, you can then build whatever you have in mind. Don't break the bank when you're just starting out!

3.  Be realistic about your timeline.

You know yourself better than anyone. Can you pick a deadline and hitting it? Will you have the content you need ready in time? Do you have a hard time making decisions and sticking to them?

If not, this can delay the timeline of your project, so do yourself a favor, and build in extra time for yourself.

4.  If you are not a tech person/don’t have the time, find someone who will be that person for you

It's good to try and understand the basics as much as you can, so you can make informed decisions for your business.

That being said, many business owners feel they have to do everything.

If you continue to feel overwhelmed by technology, and need help, find someone who can help you so you can focus on other areas of your business.

5.  Content is your friend.  Have something to say about products and your business

Search engines love content, and so do your customers! Take the time to create informative, and interesting content.  Establish a marketing strategy and promote your new design!

my fresh Maine

6.  Know your competitors, and what makes you different

Take a look at the websites of your competitors. Note what they do well, what you can improve upon, and WHY you are the best choice for the customer. Is it price, quality, style, or customer service? What defines you?

7.  Make sure your site’s message is clear

What do you want it to represent?

Are you providing a service, but not a product?  Are you a wholesaler that sells only to retail businesses, or in bulk?  

Is your site for sharing information only, or do you invite interaction, such as comments, or not-for-profit volunteer opportunities? You can create a confident online presence when you deliver a strong, concise message.

8.  Less is more.  Limit your color scheme, as well as font styles, & don’t crowd your page with too many images or excessive text

Think clean!  It can feel overwhelming to a customer faced with a busy design full of excessive color, images, and numerous font styles they must comprehend.

Keep colors to a maximum of three,  try not to use more than 2 font families for your text, and be selective in the information you provide in any one place, whether it’s text or product images.

If your website looks like a carnival roadside attraction, customers just might make that association with your business!


Busy website with too many colors, and images - ain’t nobody got time for that!

9.  Invest in quality images and make sure your site is consistent

If you are providing the images for your site, make sure that you light them well, images are sharp, backgrounds are complementary to the subject, and that the overall image quality is consistent.

This will help build trust in your business, and make you look more professional.


Poorly lit, and out-of-focus images are unimpressive

10.  Make sure you actually NEED what you want

There is so much to do with a new business, but remember to be realistic. Dream big, but don’t overreach when you’re just starting out.

Armani ss

Armani website

While you may like the look of a site like Armani  for example, keep in mind that they have their own in-house graphic design team, as well as a big budget to work with.

When considering how your site will look and operate, design and functionality are equally important.

Keep these 10 suggestions in mind, and you’ll find creating your website for your startup business a lot more attractive a proposition than you ever imagined.

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