Toe Ring Mania

Toe Ring Mania was interested in having a new logo, a custom responsive theme, setting up a Shopify store, and importing their products. Before coming to Border7, Toe Ring Mania did not have an online presence, but knew that the site should have a beachy, Hawaii theme. The new site also needed to be easy to navigate, clean, and feature great photos.

Web Design



shopify logo
toe ring mania responsive view

The Results

We created a responsive design that featured the new logo, fun taglines paired with great toe bling, and a beachy, laid back feel. It was important to ensure the new site appeals to young ladies who want to stand out, and make sure their toes look pretty with Toe Ring Mania's fun and adjustable rings. We also wanted to capitalize on Toe Ring Mania's top notch customer service and quick shipping, so our team featured these call to action messages in prominent areas of the site. The end result is a fun, beach themed site that makes you want to sit by the ocean with a drink in your hand, and Toe Ring Mania's stylish rings on your toes!

toe ring mania custom shopify design

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