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Volusion Mobile Store Not Appearing

Volusion Mobile Store Not Appearing

You know what really grinds my gears? When the Volusion mobile splash page you’ve just finished implementing doesn’t nicely pop up when viewing the website on your mobile device! You’re positive that you’ve implemented correctly, and have triple checked that all of the necessary options are enabled, but still, no Mobile Splash Page!

This happened to me recently while implementing a custom, Mobile Splash Page designed by Border7 Studios, for RC Planet. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why the Volusion mobile commerce feature was not working.  I made sure the Mobile Store Front was enabled on the admin panel, and programmed the design into the mobiledefault.htm page, but still, nothing.  I had done everything I could think of, and the Mobile Splash page was still not appearing on a mobile device. After a frustrating hour of searching for the issue with no solution in sight, a co-worker returned from his lunch break, and identified the issue within seconds.  He remembered from a previous mobile project that Volusion also requires:

<a href=”/mobile/default.aspx”></a>

to be added to within the <body> of your mobiledefault.htm page. Without that <a> tag your mobile template will not appear.  It was that simple!  As soon as I had added the tag, and saw that it worked, I decided I had to share my experience with others in order to spare them the frustration of trying to find a solution.


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